Internet Speed Dating

Okay people so I just received this email from a person on the internet site of which I am a member… I don’t really know how to take this.. it started off good, but got a little graphic towards the end of the email. On his profile he states that he is 89 years old to keep the young girls away.. There is no picture either by the way.. So here goes..

It takes a special woman to be able to appreciate my love. I’m assertive but gentle. I am un-inhibited when loving my lady. I will treat her like a Queen because I am definitely a King. She will have to be my best friend. I want to be able to share my thoughts, insecurities, dreams and aspirations with her. I will always be a good listener and give my support when it’s needed. I’m not a materialistic person, however I do like to keep myself up and enjoy some of the finer things in life from time to time. I work hard and reward myself when I feel the need to. That’s because I’m alone, but if I was in a relationship these things would be discussed and mutually agreed upon.

Sometimes when people refer to ladies as “my queen” I tend to think that they are a little exaggerated.. because that is not normal language. Am I wrong for thinking that?

My lady would know that he can always trust me to be faithful because I am a one woman at a time man. I value fidelity and would not do anything to someone else that I would not want done to me. I’m somewhat an old fashioned man with a comtemporary twist. I enjoy being treated like a King. I would spoil my Queen and expect the same thing in return. She would be welcomed home by soft music playing, candles burning, a smooth glass or wine do I drink people? No.. I think someone got it twisted.. or drink of his choice, dinner would be in progress or done.Her bath would be drawn and I’d undress her, put her in a nice hot bath and wash all the stress of the day away. I’d then towel her dry and gently kiss her where-ever she wanted a kiss before she sat down to a delicious home cooked meal. I’m an excellent cook.

Our nights will be filled with cuddleing, caressing, kissing, loving, sucking, licking and any other kind of “ing” we felt like doing. I believe in totally satisfying my lady.

Why did I need to know that? Any other kind of “ing” that you feel like doing huh? I didn’t come across as no hoochie.. I thought this was a Christian site.. I guess they use the word Christian lightly.. No sex before marriage.. it aint worth it..

I am well versed and try to stay abreast of current events in order to contribute intelligently in conversation. Am I dealing with Hitch or what?I’ve been told that I’m a classy man and I always try to compliment my lady. She would never have to fear being humiliated by me in public or private because that’s not my style. I realize that when you injure a womans ego, you injure her pride. I will always try to find ways to let you know how much I love, respect and honor you. Of course all of these things come with trust and trust is something that is earned. As long as there is trust, love, respect and honor will be showered on by me. This is just a glimpse of me………

Did I enjoy this glimpse? H to the nizo!!! He was a little too forward. It’s like these guys don’t know how to get to know someone without all that padding. It would be good to meet someone who isn’t trying to speed date me through the web..Beings friends is so very important so if you have a guy trying to “commandeer the kitchen and treat me like a queen” before I know his real name then there is a problem…

*quote from Brown Sugar*


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