Worker Bees RISE UP and START Your OWN COMPANY!!

What are you here for? Some people are here for one reason and others are here for another.  You are judged on your actions and not on your intentions.  So why are you present at this meeting?

Type 1 – The “Brown Noser” attendee

These people only attend the meeting to kiss the behind of the person in charge and to say that they were present.  They have no intention to change anything or corresponding actions to indicate that they are trying to change anything.  They are merely present to keep a job or position

Type 2- The “Bush is Shaking but the bird is gone” attendee

These people are empowered to make decisions and changes.  They are well intentioned but for some reason have refused to use the knowledge or capability that they are entrusted with to make change. When the meeting concludes, they might have action items.  They might complete their action items and they might not complete their action items.  Why are they so unpredictable?  They are unpredictatble because they secretly desire to be a brown noser where you don’t have to do anything except collect a paycheck and kiss a few babies every now and then.  Don’t get me wrong, some of the “bush still shaking” people desire to make changes but they are unable to see past the politics of the situation to make drastic changes.   They are partially vested.

Type 3- “Worker Bee” attendees

These people are not empowered to make decisions and they don’t hold positions.  Their actions do show that if given the opportunity and empowerment to make change, they will do it to the point where the world will be turned upside down. They might leave with action items and they might not.  If they don’t it is merely because the Type 2s and Type3s are fearful that the worker bee will make them look like they don’t know what they are doing.  The tasks that they are assigned will be completed but only for the Type 2 to take credit because the worker bee will not be invited back to the follow up meeting.  They are overlooked, undervalued, and underpaid.  The worker bee will eventually  leave the first company to start their own company.. You have the drive to do it. .

I hired myself yesterday.  I am the CEO of my own company. I am refusing to be a worker bee for anyone else. I am taking a staged approach and using the jobs that I perform now as stepping stones to a brighter future.  If you are lost in the matrix, you need to take the right pill and get out now.  Why waste your time fulfilling someone else’s dream?  They only pay you based on what they can afford or what they think you are worth.  I’m shifting my mindset.  This is not it for me… I deserve better than this!!!