IPad vs. Microsoft Courier- Trying to be loyal!!

Microsoft versus Apple… however you’d like to describe it…  I am a Microsoft girl to my very core.  I love Microsoft but ever since I laid eyes on that wonderful piece of technology, the Apple IPad, I am considering switching to Apple.  I have friends that love their Iphones, IPods, Mac Books and all the other gadgets, but I have stayed with my Windows based laptop (Vista- which I love and isn’t as bad as they say), my red 120 gig Zune, and my Windows based phone.  I am an organized person and enjoy synching all of my items easily.  I like my calendar, my email addresses, blogging, etc all together. 

So, a co-worker came in this morning with a brand new IPad.  It sparked my interest so I asked if I could look over her shoulder as she synched it with her laptop.  It is a nice piece of equipment.  Being a Microsoft girl, I did what any smart shopper would do… I logged onto my lap top to search to see if Microsoft had an answer to the IPad waiting in the wings of time.  I discovered to my surprise a lovely piece of artistry called the COURIER.  It was right up my alley.   I watched the video on the Courier and discovered that I loved it.  I am not an “App” queen. I’m not a gamer.  I don’t play with my phone all day.  I don’t watch videos on my phone.  I like to hold books in my hand when I read them because I want to have a library in my home one day (a dream I am working on). 

The OCD side of me forces me to do the following:   

Make notes on just about everything.  I write lists (a thing my brother picks on me about) on everything from what I want to accomplish on Saturday, to what colors or concepts I need for my wardrobe. I love white boarding and brainstorming. It helps me organize my thoughts.  I even have a whiteboard in my office at home.  I write so many notes and lists that I need something other than a Mead 5 star 5 subject notebook to write it all down in. 

THE COURIER IS FOR ME!!!! It is like a journal that has internet access, a build in camera, and a small PC with file sharing capabilities.  You can even write on it like a notebook. If you know me, you know that I love pretty journals and notebooks.  I have about 30 notebooks full of thoughts, concepts, notes from meetings, instructions, and a host of other things.

 So finally someone invented something with me in mind but now I just read that Microsoft is killing the project!!! WHY!? WHY!? WHY??? I hope the research team searches out blogs on their development and finds out that they are letting me and the other type A-/B+ personality people down.  I loved the video demo.  Please Microsoft.!!! Release the Crackin!! If not, let me be a tester in your universe. I am trying my best to stick with you.   In the infamous words of Jerry McGuire- Help ME HELP YOU!!!!!!!