Black Chicken-Only Eatin’ Dog

The "Collar of Shame"

I rescued a dog from a humane society called Happy Tails of Augusta.  He is a terrier that I have named Frodo after Frodo Baggins on Lord of the Rings because he looks at me with that same look that Frodo has in the movie when he says “The ring has taken me Sam”.  He is  extremely intelligent. 

Frodo loves to dig in my purses when I am not looking.  He also likes to beg for cheetos.  Frodo will only come into a room if invited with the words “come on”.  Otherwise the dog will literally sit down in the door way.  His bark is very heavy for a dog his size.  When the time comes for me to give Frodo a hair cut he humbly obliges me by settling in on my lap as I turn on the clippers.  I guess he loves the vibration.  I can’t say that he loves to take a bath.  I have never seen a dog who does.  He knows when I am about to leave and will take a seat in his bed inside the kennel without being asked. He understands what “outside” means and what “inside” means.  With all of these smarts, I cannot figure out how to get this dog to eat something besides Pedigree chopped chicken in the can.

My coworker says that I am racially profiling my dog.  Well we know how much most black people love chicken… I call it the All American Yard Bird.  I never thought I would own a dog that only eats canned chopped chicken.  When I took ownership of Frodo back in December, I purchased dry dog food because it is supposed to be good for their teeth and better for them overall.  Well little did I know that Frodo had other plans.  I had to purchase some wet dog food to hide his medicine in because he had on the collar of shame from his neutering surgery and he kept licking the wound causing it to become infected.  So Frodo apparently liked the wet dog food better than the dry because he started snubbing it.  He would walk into the kitchen and into the corner where his bowl is located.  He sniffed the bowl.  If I had dry dog food in it, he would immediately walk away. If I had canned chopped chicken, it would take plyers to tear him away from the bowl. I tried mixing the dry with the can to no avail. Frodo just licked the chopped chicken off of the dry dog food.  I tried just putting down dry dog food for about 4 days.  Frodo refused to eat.  I am not an inhumane person, but I was determined to wait Frodo out until he gave me those “the ring has taken me Sam” eyes.  I tried to mix the dry food with water to make it soft. I’ve tried different brands with tender morsels.  Frodo will not eat them.


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Does anyone have any suggestions for my Black Chicken-Only Eatin Dog?  Canned Pedigree is expensive. LOL..