This is how we feed the animals….

I’m becoming more and more disgusted as the presidential campaign swings into full gear.  I won’t go into all of that because I don’t really have the time. I can say this- some people are really threatened by President Barak Obama’s skin color and they might be scared of mine too… Man, corporate america is really fearful…

Well we move to the RNC taking place in Tampa Florida this week.  An african american camera woman was assaulted by an attendee. The attendee threw nuts at the camera woman and told her “This is how we feed the animals”. I read the story on   According to the site, CNN made the following statement:

“CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum earlier this afternoon. CNN worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment.”

A reported tweeted the following:

My entire issue with this is the fact that we are seeing more undertones of racism in 2012 than I have ever experienced in my life.

I’ll say this, I caught a co-worker of mine making a “black joke”. I mean I looked directly in his mouth while he made jokes about what President Obama would do if Hurricane Isaac struck New Orleans in the same manner as Katrina. I literally looked in his mouth and he stopped dead in his tracks.  I didn’t hold back on him either.  I demanded that he say the joke where I could hear it… I mean if he’s going to make one then at least let me tell him if it was funny… He turned red and then started speaking in a sheepish manner… “I was just saying that maybe Barak Obama would send Kayne West to New Orleans”… it wasn’t funny at all…

Our local sheriff’s election is going there too. A black man is running for the office and he has to face a run off to be the democratic candidate.  He won the run off, but now some person is claiming that he bought votes by promising to give a specific person a car.  Who DOES THAT?  What candidate in their right mind would do that? With all the social networking and different ways to put people on blast, I don’t see how anyone would even TRY to do that!  It is merely a ploy to take that man’s credibility.  If you mix a little “snake oil” in there and keep the story in the media, perhaps enough doubt can be cast on the candidate and people will vote in the opposite direction.

I am sure that not all republicans are racists just like I’m sure that not all democrats are diversity advocates.  I also know that America was not founded on Christian principles like some want you to believe. Part of the reason that people came here was to be free of the religious persecution that existed in Great Britain.  Back then you were either Catholic with heavy ties to Rome or you were part of the church of England that was headed up by whatever monarch sat upon the throne.  Please read. A lot of the language that contains “God” was added in the last century… Research it.

We are not electing a Pastor. We are electing a President.

Have you seen this cover of Newsweek? Well if you haven’t, here it is. The Republican Party spent the last 2 years fighting everything that President Obama wanted to accomplish and publicly stated that was their strategy. Now isn’t the time to get weary and not vote.  Now is the time to make sure you call to get your birth certificate, make sure your IDs are in order, register to vote and go to the polls in November. Let your voice be heard!


I’m part of a generation that experienced the first stages of busing. Some people in the current generation don’t even know what busing means.  I’ve experienced some people’s parents not allowing their children to play with me or talk to me because I was a little black girl. I’ve walked in on teachers in the teacher’s lounge in high school calling a student a black *&^%.  I’ve experienced homecoming at my high school where a student puts on a confederate uniform and rides on a horse waving the confederate flag… I’ve experienced first hand discrimination in the workplace…I’ve been forced to be the poster child of fun and games at work because most of the employees look like me, but I’m not permitted to hold a higher leadership position because I don’t represent the “BRAND” – whatever that means…

Even in the midst of all of this I will still rise up and say:

Black people are not monkeys. We are not animals.  We are not all on welfare. We are not all high school drop outs. Not all of us speak broken english. We can do more than rap and sing. We are not 3/5ths of a human. We are NOT animals.  We are a diverse culture. We are doctors, lawyers, dentists, preachers, teachers, publicists, entrepreneurs, writers, film makers, talk show hosts, actresses, new anchors, producers, sanitation workers, call center representatives, journalists, soldiers, police officers, firemen, investment bankers, CEOs, CFOs, and the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!






President Barak Obama-Do Republicans really wanna call him a Nigger? I think so… read on..

I read a story on ABC news and they were questioning whether or not President Obama was a Muslim. I’d like to know if that really matters. We are not talking about his soul salvation when it comes to running the country… Does religious preference (although he isn’t a Muslim to my knowledge) qualify one to be the president of the United States of America? How many Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, Episcopalian presidents have we had? How are these beliefs different? Have there not been many reformations since these basic religions were founded? Will this country be divided over religion?

Sidebar***And why can’t that Mosque be built in NY..? It’s a free county… Or is it? Not all Muslims are kamakazee pilots. Do we stop Japanese businessmen from doing business in the US because of Pearl Harbor? oh wait I think we did for a while… go back and look at some of the ads from back then for products made in japan.. most had the 7-7 date implanted in the add somewhere… research it

If this goes down, what next… ? Let’s not forget that this country is racists to the core…. from founding fathers with slavery, the 3/5 clause, civil right act (why did we have to petition for rights given to every other person except for those who were of African Descent)…and until now… We now have the laws out west on immigration that condone racial profiling….

We had miniature concentration camps for the Japanse during WWII… Families with Jewish names changed to spelling to sound more American to protect themselves from discrimintation… School busing and true integration just happened in the 70’s so I’m a part of the first grand experiment.. but education has since dwindled… More on that later… They don’t teach you that in your History class… btw… you history book probably came from that company in Texas that edits and rewrites history to display its interests….

AMERICA needs to WAKE UP!!!

Ever since he took office, we have seen an increase in racism like this country hasn’t seen in a while. I think that God allowed President Obama to hold office so that we can see that we haven’t come as far as we thought we had. I mean there is the tea party movement with racial slurs and then the edited video tape of the woman that lost her job. We have Rush Limbauh and others on Fox News spitting racists view points.

Why isn’t one of these people bold enough to call President Obama and Michelle a NIGGA and get it over with. That is really all that these folks are expressing….. only they have dropped the N word and took off the sheet. Now they find fancier ways to say it… They say that he is liberal, unqualified, etc… should have cleaned up th oil spill faster (as if there isn’t a war and a million other things going on)…

Would all of this be going on if the President were a white man? Well I can definitely say no because we’ve never had anyone other than a white man as the President.

Has anyone ever questioned the Americanism of any other President. Not one has a single ancestor (that they would claim) that is a certified bonafide Native American.

So get over yourself already.. unless you are a Native American Indian you are not REALLY an American. This country is not old enough to make claims on who belongs and who doesn’t. We only stopped the massive flood of immigrants in the early 1900’s in NY so don’t try to get cute people. NO ONE is truly from the USA unless they have Native American Blood flowing through their veins.

I can image if Hillary would have won. What would they be saying about women? We have hot flashes… we’re emotional… how is Bill acting as the first man?.. I can just imagine.

The bottom line in my opinion (as I close my rant) is that George W. Bush left this country in a MESS!!! Someone has to clean it up. That’s a big job. We elected someone to do it and we need to work together to do it. Bi-Partisanship doesn’t have to be a dream. We could make it a reality if some senators and congressmen could lay down their KKK Sheets and do some work. What are they really doing to serve the American people that put them men in office besidees earmarking bills and filabustering on the floor?

The country’s educational system is in a mess. How long has it been like this. I only graduated 18 years ago and the schools are worse. They were not good back then.. How do you get worse? They don’t pay teachers anything yet expect the world. WHAT HAPPENED TO STANDARDS? What is going to happen to America in the FUTURE if we don’t have decent educational systems? SOMEONE needs to focus on that and not on whether or not President Obama is a muslim! How about donating some of that campaign money to local school districts to help keep music programs, after school programs, books and lunch decent? Oh I forgot… Education isn’t important… Not in the US…

I’ve said enough..

Let me know your thoughts… Black folks are by no means off the hook on this.. I just felt like ranting….