Coworkers: Part 2

Coworkers are funny people…¬† Here as some more types to add to your notebook.¬† I made this shorter at the request of a reader… More to come later.. ūüėČ

Hitler– I’ll refer to Hitler as him throughout this discussion but keep in mind Hitler can be a female.¬† Everyone worships the ground that Hitler walks on because resistance would be futile. In order to survive successfully with this person in charge you must become a card carrying¬†member of the 3rd Reich.¬† There is no opportunity¬†for you to use your creativity because all¬†methods¬†are set in stone so how dare¬†one challenge the establishment or suggest a¬†more beneficial¬†way of doing things.¬† Hitler will put a plethora of obstacles in your way in hopes that you will either stop the resistance, join him, transfer,¬†or quit.¬† Hitler is prejudice against thinkers, speakers and extremely intelligent persons.¬† Hitler surrounds himself with automatons and henchmen.¬† Hitler holds the intelligent members of the corporation back while he advances those that are¬†his loyal supporters only to gain a foothold in other areas of the company. Everything that Hitler does is a strategic move and everything is top-secret.¬†¬† All communication must come from one source and is guaranteed to be filled with Hitlerisms.¬† The only way to stop Hitler is to expose him/her.¬†

Slowski– This coworker is just flat-out¬†slow with everything. If you have a tight deadline please don’t give any critical work to slowski¬†because you might not meet your deadline.¬† Slowski¬†often appears to have high self-esteem¬†but is really extremely self-conscious¬†because they know that they are not as on top of their game as they appear to be.¬† A slowski¬†person will become upset with the person that is trying to assist them in solving problems and offer excuses later like, “I was just too smart for them” or the #1 excuse of “it was my computer”.¬† I’ve met many slowskies¬†in my lifetime.¬† Slowskies tend to have a short fuse¬†and remain frustrated which contributes to their slow problem.¬† If¬†one spends a great deal of¬†time frustrated¬†one won’t think of how to solve the problem.¬† ¬†

Automatons–¬† These co-workers can only perform duties with specific instructions on how to complete the task.¬† If the manager doesn’t t spell the ¬†“how to” out completely, the automaton will stop working because they are not wired to think freely.¬† They are only capable of repetition.¬† This is not¬†a quality to have in someone on a leadership team because a manager¬†will constantly¬†be challenged with¬†completing two jobs instead of one.¬† The only happy medium for an automaton is the assignment of¬†repetitious tasks.¬† ¬†

Confirmers- This coworker is the one that forgets the content of the meeting or conversation in a matter of seconds.¬† They have to come back and “confirm” what was just discussed to make sure that they understand the assignment.¬† Sometimes they even hold meetings to confirm what was discussed in a previous meeting.¬† They can be mentally exhausting to deal with because of their constant need to confirm everything.¬† The only way to successfully deal with the confirmer is to take good notes and publish them in plain direct english.