The Dating Deal Breaker

Dating Deal breakers- Do you have a list of absolute deal breakers that you go down and check off when you meet someone new?  Well, if not it is a good idea.  Some of the things on my list include no smoking, no drinking, must be saved (A Christian for all of those who don’t know what I mean), and the list goes on…  Well, I never dreamed that my list wouldn’t evolve but it did.  My list when I was 20 is totally different than my list now.  In my 20’s I had frivilous items such as “must be tall or taller than me” and ” would prefer light skinned and muscular”.   

What if a guy’s deal breaker is children.  He doesn’t want any more and isn’t willing reconsider.  

Take the poll people…. take it.. I wanna know your thoughts…