Boston Celtics Game 5: Ejections, Concussions, and Loss but there is still hope

Okay so, I still have hope that the Celtics will win the Eastern Conference Series. 

Now on to the issues:

Technical Fouls and Kendrick Ejected– Come on SON!!! You cannot be serious.   The officials should be fined for bad calls.  Tech #1-Perkins was trying to help a teammate up from the floor and accidently elbowed a player.  Tech #2- The call was simply bogus!  I was beginning to believe that the refs are on the Magic payroll. 

Concussions– WOW!!! Never have I seen two concussions occur in the same game. The first was kind of scary because Big Baby was clearly shaken.   I hope he will be able to return on Friday with a vengeance.  The second concussion was kinda of unbelievable because old dude wasn’t even in the game that long. 

The loss– Rasheed did a good job tonight, but fouled out with a hurt back.  Everyone was in foul trouble. I thought Pierce was going to foul out.  No one really guarded Nelson so he was able to shoot the lights out.  Where was Kevin Garnett on offense?  Where was Ray Allen on offense? 

The game was extremely physical but what should we expect.  If you back a cat (The Magic) in the corner they will come out clawing.  This is basketball not tennis.  We should expect physical contact. 

The good news is the game on Friday is in Boston.  I am hopeful and I hope Doc Rivers has a game plan.  Boston has the home court advantage.  Go out there on Friday night, talk on defense, switch or fight over the pick  roll, and show some intensity without all the techs!!!

It is important to take advantage of your moment in time.  Boston this is your moment.  CARPE DIEM!!!  

Celtics 2010


“Just Wright” was Just Right

Just Wright

To watch a clip click on this link:

If you haven’t gone to see this movie, it is a great girlfriends night out film and a good date night movie.  Queen Latifah did an excellent job and surprisingly Common did a great job.  He was actually a believable basketball player, with the exception of the Dave Chapelle like dunks (look up Dave Chapelle dunking while he is dressed up like Prince- classic and funny!!!). 

Common is pretty ripped and very slim. They say the camera adds 15lbs.  If that is true, Common is tiny.  

I am not sure if he actually plays that piano, so if he doesn’t you wouldn’t know it from watching this film.  There are some must have Jazz painting hanging in his music room. I especially loved the John Coltrane portrait. 

There are several cameos from NBA stars such as Dewayne Wade and Dwight Howard.  I even saw John Legend in the stands at the game.  Phylicia Rashad stars as Common’s protective mother and she had every right to be protective.  – James Pickens (Chief Webber – Grey’s Anatomy) stars opposite of Pam Grier as Latifah’s parents. 

The theatre crowd reaction was wonderful in the film.  People were clapping and gasping…  This movie really draws you in to the point where you feel the need to talk to the screen and try to help the main characters realize that love is in full bloom. 

This was really a feel good movie and worth the $10 ticket…

My rating A—/ B++