The Phone Call- Trueman

So earlier I mentioned that I had given a young man… (trueman) my phone number. It was actually the cell number. He called me last night from the Virgin Islands where he is working this week with his company. He had a slightly squeeky voice but he was a gentleman. We talked about alot of the things that we chatted about and he of course was attempting to interview me (speed date me) over the phone again. I told him to slow his roll and we can get to know one another. The conversation was funny and it moved at a good pace so I would enjoy talking to him again. He isn’t like sho nuff saved.. He’s got issues… Trueman is cool…. He is like the brother type. He asked if I had a problem with him being shorter than me.. he’s 5’10. This is only an inch if that at all. We have alot of the same interests but he has one flaw.. He likes to drink beer at football games…. I told him that this would be a problem for me since I don’t drink.. It also concerns me that he could be on the prayer line at his ministry and still drink beer at football games…. so what kind of ministry is that? He didn’t seem to think it was a problem…. I guess if he knew better he would do better.. so I won’t throw the baby out with the bath water.. we can be friends. He said he is coming the ATL in July. Maybe I’ll meet him.. He is probably shorter than 5″10.. but we’ll see.

Overall score for this call was a B-


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