Keeping it 100%

So this is the IBM… I met on line.. He has issues but they are workable. I think he doesn’t want to be burden on me.

lyric1973: before you close your window… I just want
to let you know that I got home at around 12:00 last
night from my meeting.. we were planning a
*** Waiting for waitinman to connect
*** waitinman’s IC window is open
*** waitinman’s IC window is closed
lyric1973: hello is anyone out there?
*** Waiting for waitinman to connect
*** waitinman’s IC window is open
waitinman: Listen i’m really wondering what’s going
on w/ my self
lyric1973: what are you talking about?
waitinman: i don’t know
lyric1973: you do know.. so what is going on with
waitinman: i’m not doing anything in NC, however i
don’t want to be in RI sometimes i asks my self did i
do the wrong thing by leaving in the first place
waitinman: i really don’t know
lyric1973: leaving NC or RI…
waitinman: RI
waitinman: i sold my shop 2 yr ago
lyric1973: what shop?
lyric1973: you a barber or something?
waitinman: i owned a barber
lyric1973: okay in RI?
waitinman: now i’m not working
lyric1973: okay so what were you doing in NC? not
working there either?
waitinman: all i was doing in NC is nothing just
going to church
waitinman: i have never been in a place like this in
my life
lyric1973: okay so what do you feel you need to do?
waitinman: work
lyric1973: I feel that too.. but you have to make a
waitinman: sometime i feel like just moving far away
waitinman: and yes i know that sound wrong to say
lyric1973: far away from RI
waitinman: yes
lyric1973: I;m not sitting in a judgement seat trust
me when I say that
waitinman: i just want to be happy
waitinman: thats all
lyric1973: well happiness comes from within…not
waitinman: very true
lyric1973: so what makes you happy.. what is that
one thing.. you know you can do..
waitinman: i need a Spirit filled church
waitinman: and a start working
waitinman: i don’t ask for much
lyric1973: You are actually in a good spot to make a
decision…because you have nothing to loose right
now…. look at it in a positive light..
lyric1973: Of course I am going to blow my own
horn.. there is always New Life…. LOL for real.. I don’t
know where I would be
lyric1973: We are always told that the decisions that
we make determine the course our lives will take…
so now you have to make a godly decision.. this is a
good spot…
lyric1973: Another quote… Failure isn’t an event but
an opinion.. (I have this posted on my desk)… Move
beyond it…
waitinman: i feel i have more to gain in NC
lyric1973: The enemy is trying to steal something
from you that isn’t visible, but its absence is not
readily detected.. then go to NC…
waitinman: i feel any place but here is good for me
lyric1973: who are u trying to live for?
waitinman: and i know that may sound selfish
waitinman: ME
lyric1973: well…you have to decide…call it..
waitinman: i hear you
waitinman: i know you didn’t realize i had all this
going on i know just pray for me please
lyric1973: and when you make your decision…. do it
based on what you hear God is saying.. not what
others say…. I know you are under pressure.. I can
really tell by your messages.. but you have one time
to live this life…. you
lyric1973: No that is fine honey.. that is why I am
waitinman: thank you
lyric1973: np…
lyric1973: you’re cool.. every one has issues child..
trust me when I say that..
lyric1973: I have em too.. maybe not the same
scenario.. but with God’s help we are working it out of
waitinman: i hear you
lyric1973: WEll did you thnk about maybe doing the
barber thing in NC..
waitinman: yes
lyric1973: well.. was it just a thougth or did you
actually do it?
*** waitinman’s IC window is closed
lyric1973: hello
*** Waiting for waitinman to connect

Is this a what I am talking about? A person who is opening up to me without trying to get in my panties!!!! Thank God for an honest IBM..


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