My Natural Hair Epiphany

Bianca 13I’ve been without a relaxer since July 2010 and I recently got an ION Keratin Treatment in my hair. Can you say that I absolutely LOVE this thisg. I can tell that my hair is a little stronger now. I use the products that come with it- the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner as well as the keratin treament mask. I lucked up on a sale at Sally’s so the huge bottles were only $7.49.

Right now, I’m watching you tube videos for ideas on how to make my hair grow longer. I had an epiphany this morning. The only think I need to do to make my hair grow is to do what I used to do before I got a perm.
1. Keep the heat off it. You know that you couldn’t curl your hair everyday when you didn’t have a perm. You had to roll it on sponge rollers. Well I found some sponge rollers wrapped in silk from Walmart for 7.99. I love them. I recently watched my grandmother roll her hair up. She had a jar of grease.. yes I said it grease.. and her rollers. She took her time and coated each section and then she rolled them up. That brings me to my next point.
2. YOu have to moisturize the ends with something. I’ve been using Black Jamaiacan Castor Oil and an Olive oil mixture. I saturate my ends and massage the mixture in the places on my scalp where my hair is thinner. Castor Oil is supposed to help with the growth.
3. Treat your hair very carefully especially the ends- The ends are the oldest part of your hair. Clip them and if you see split ends, snip them.
4. Deep conditioner. I made a conditioner of which I am very proud of. I used some of the creamy Shea Mositure conditioner that I had left over and mixed it with the black castor oil, olive oil, shea butter, and Miracle oil moisturizer by bonner brothers. It left my hair so soft and wonderfully conditioned. My co-workers noticed and asked what I did to my hair. I love it.. I love it..
5. Vitamins, Water and good food..

I plan on letting my hair grow long and healthy. I’ll never get another relaxer, but I will keep getting Keratin treatments. I won’t put anohter one in my hair until January 2013 so my hair will be da bomb at the Stellar Awards. I will admit that I love my hair in it’s straight state. It is totally nice to have the option of straight or curly. My hair curl pattern is loose so I need help and you know what? That is totally okay with me. I have some flexy rods that I use to get that defined curly look. I’m going to try some more hair style enhancers. I’ve actually roller set my hair on big rollers to get some big volume. I have rods in all sizes as well. I plan on getting larger flexy rods and some crinklers too so I’ll have style options all in the spirit of keeping the heat off my hair.

So it does get better. It has gotten better. Don’t hate or judge me because I got a Keratin treatment. I like the sleek look without the relaxer and chemical. I’m on a serious hair growth mission. i’ll upload some pictures later… Until then.. Peace and HAIR GREASE!!!


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