Sleeping in the office…

Well I just woke a co-worker up from her mid morning nap!  HAHA! Of course this sounds hilarious right?  Before you put on your black robe and pick out your nifty gavel, let me explain- My co-worker is on medication and it causes drowsiness.  This is not the first time she’s falled asleep… this is the first time I’ve said something about it. I walked over with camera in hand because of course this is a kodak/youtube moment, but she wasn’t moving or nodding off in any funny manner so I turned it off.  I passed her co-worker on the way who said “I’m gonna take a picture of this because I’m tired of it”.

The comment registered but I kept walking up to her desk. I bent down to where she was and grabbed her like I was hugging her.

“Sweetie, you gotta wake up. You can’t be asleep in here”. 

She was startled and her co-workers were hiding behind poles laughing because I scared the crap out of her. 

“You need to get up and go walking around the building or something”.

“I know…. I know”

About two minutes later, she gathered herself and walked off.  I was thinking in my mind “Hey! Maybe she could take a 15 minute nap in the medical room. It locks from the inside”.

Well we’ve all been there a time or two so I’ll share some of my stories. 

1. I was so sleepy one day that I went to the rest room down at the far end of the building, pulled on of those seat covers out, sat down on it and laid my head on the stall wall to take a 10 minute cat nap. 

2.  I was so sleepy another day that I went out to my car with cell phone in hand, set an alarm for 15 minutes, reclined the seat and took a nap. I woke up and went back to work.

3.  I took some benadryl on accident (The girl that gave it to me said it wasn’t benadryl) and I was so sleepy that I actually laid my head down and snored at my desk.  My coworker woke me up thank God… But my manager knew I was sick and I’m the kind of person that will work through it with some good meds because I don’t like to lay out.  I went home that day. I was so drowsy that day, I almost ran off the road. Thank God I made it. 

It might be a good thing to take a cat nap at work or to be able to have what they call a siesta.  I’ve heard that countries that have siesta are more productive when they work.

Here are some tips that I use to make sure I’m alert at work

1. Get a good stretch in at the desk. Stand up and do your aerobic/yoga stretch.

2.  Eat smaller meals throughout the day to regulate your metabolism.  I pack so much stuff that it looks like I’m going hunting. I have a Dannon Yogurt (6oz), A piece of fruit like an apple or orange.   A small bag of almonds or peanuts.  Peanut butter is great! Sugar Free Jello or Pudding.  Just get in the habit of eating all day. Alieviate the junky stuff that burns quickly because you’ll find yourself at the snack machine all day. Bring it from home.

3.  Get up and walk around the office or choose the bathroom that is the farthest distance from your desk so you can get your blood flowing again. 

4.  Get a good night’s sleep and dont’ forget to turn your TV off. When the TV is on, it tends to keep your mind going and going.  Find some relaxing music or nature sounds, close your eyes, relax your body and drift off.

5.  It’s okay to just talk to a neighbor every now and then so have your water cooler moment. It’ll get your mind going.

Well… that’s my two cents.


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