My 20th High School Class Reunion- Hephzibah High School c/o 92

I attended my 20th class reunion last night at Julian Smith Casino and it was fun! It was great seeing all of my classmates again.  Everyone was all smiles because………….. we couldn’t remember each other.. We had to get out a year book and look each other up.  That made it all the more fun. 

Here are some pictures:

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I didn’t really have trouble with people that I had classes with, but those I didn’t have class with gave me a fit so I pulled out the trusty HHS 1992 yearbook! 


I saw Jennifer Taylor, who I always sang with. She loves to sing more than I do.. so that’s a lot. Loney Bohannan and Alan were there.. they were the drummers in the band and they are legends… if you’ve neer seen a white guy stick like on drumline, you’ve missed a treat. Those guys were good. 

We did the cupid shuffle and the wobble but that was all the dancing that was done.  We had pulled pork barbeque and chicken. There was a huge cake and the best tasting Banana pudding that I’ve had in a long time.  Of course people brought their own liquid courage, but I dont’drink so not really important.

I enjoyed talking to a classmate, Tom Sawyer, who lives in OKC and is a OKC fan.  I might take him up on on his offer to go to a home game since he has season tickets.  I also enjoyed seeing Jason Gonzales or the “Laker Faker” as I love to call him. He promptly pointed out that I had on Laker colors last night.  I really didn’t mean to do that.  He was a riot. Seeing Heather Dismuke, our valedictorian was great. She’s married now, but I can’t seem to think of her last name. Cathy Dickens looked mad different but still gorgeous as ever and her husband is so personable! 

I ran into Don Hanby, my arch civic class rival. He remembered how we used to argue in class.  I remembered it too.  He is so sweet. I thought he would’ve been holding office somewhere, but he is happy so that is all that counts. 

The gang was back in full affect minus one or two of us.  Bill Streetman, Sandra Palmer, Nicole Faison, Ramael Blount, and Jason Leatherwood represented well.  We had a good time at the event.  There are so many nurses and teachers from our class… I guess we’ve done good with ourselves.  I was quite proud. 

Overall, I had fun.  It was a great turn out and we do plan on doing a 25 year reunion.  We’ll see if we can talk em into a cruise.. 😉



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