Braided Beauty- a protective natural style

Well I decided to braid my hair up. I haven’t done my own braids in a minute. I will admit that I wasn’t looking forward to it, but it turned out pretty good.  I sat down this past Tuesday night, put on the movies, and started braiding. I didn’t want large or long braids (although now I wish I would have done it a little longer), so it didn’t take long. I’ll never wear it down, so they didn’t need to be dense.  My hair is thinner than I ever remember, so I’ll needed to take extra care not to pull too tight.  I would like a hairline when it’s all over…

Here are the results:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I watched a few videos on YouTube for some style inspiration. Next time, I’ll do them a little longer for a larger knot.  I am satisfied and my hair is out of sight, out of mind for now.  I think I’ll wear braids until July of 2013.  We’ll see.


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