Natural hair is a trip

I’ve been natural for 2 years now and I’m ready to give up.. lolol.. man somebody needs to pray for me.  I’m struggling with this texture or should I say the multiple textures in my head.  I have straight hair in the top and curly in the back.  I can’t do a twist out because it will just hang..I’ve also straightened it with the straightening comb and tried other styles.. so I’ll share some here..

So I need some help. I’ve been wearing my hair up in a ponytail for about 3 months now because I can’t do much to it. Is there anyone out there that can help me..


2 thoughts on “Natural hair is a trip

  1. Don’t give up!! That’s all I can say…it gets easier (but it gets kinda harder first)! Been natural for about 2 1/2 years now and still have my bad days but I know I’m gonna get there. If you give up now, could you really go thru all this again in a few years? Stick wid it sista!!

    • Thank you for the encouragement… I made a decision to braid it up until it grows out some more and gets past this stage… I’m YET holding on.. lol.. Thank you again! Check on me from time to time lol

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