Rick Santorum’s comments about black people…. SMH

Well we have a live racists on the line.. Rick Santorum said he doesn’t want to give someone else’s money to black people so they can have a better life…

WELL GUESS WHAT RICK? Black people are NOT THE ONLY NATIONALITY ON WELFARE!!!!  There are all kinds of nationalities using EBT when I go to Walmart or Kroger. Why does this not register?

AMERICA??? Are we really trying to return to the Pre-Civil War Era?? Somebody needs to WAKE UP!  He had the nerve to try to deny that he said “black” people later on FOX.. Well in the Youtube era, you have to censor yourself because somebody is going to get you on camera and I’m so glad!

REGISTER to VOTE BLACK PEOPLE and go to the polls…. I signed up to work with the Obama Campaign this year.. so I’m putting some legs to the mouth!


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