These Republican candidates… SMH!!!

I am sitting here watching the Iowa Caucus results on ABC’s Nightline and this is really amazing. There are only about 10 months left to the day that we vote and the Republicans have failed to produce a strong front runner.  First there was Mitt Romney, then there was that clown from Texas, Rick Perry, who stammers worse than George W Bush,..

Then there was Herman Cain. Thank God that was past tense.. He was a joke. How do you think you can run for the highest office of this country with all of those skeletons in your closet BROTHER from another mother!!! He was an absolute JOKE and a ploy to try to split all the votes of the minorities that only vote for a candidate based on the color of their skin… Well looks like they chose the wrong monkey for the show… someone should have done a background check before they let their black candidate get on national TV and show his backside like that.. What a disgrace.. I digress.. but I had to get that out!    Oh this just in.. Herman Cain just said he wanted to be the secretary of defense if a republican wins office… Please someone muzzle this man!!! Get a gag order or something..

Then the Georgia Boy, Newt Gingrich was the front runner but of course his infidelity and divorce record was part of the muck racking…

Michelle Bachman really just needs to stick a fork in it- because she is DONE after tonight.  She’ll only keep running to save Tea Party Face…(she was never a real front runner though).

Then it was back to Governor Mitt Romney once the Caucus got closer, but then some dark horse candidate (Rick Santorum) comes riding across 99 counties in Iowa to tie with Mitt virtually overnight???… Rick must be smart because he didn’t spend as much  money.. oh well..

Come on Republicans.. I’m not affiliated with any party so call me what you want, but I fail to see a competent candidate from the Elephants yet…. I mean who matches Obama’s intelligence?  NO ONE.. We haven’t heard a real peep from this new front runner so I’ll reserve judgement.

I’m ready to hear a valid platform that will layout a viable bipartisan plan to dig America out of this mess that we are in… Hey I’m just saying.. Obama has done a great job with the hand he was dealt. I’ve yet to see a candidate that can make him the one term president that the Republican Party so desires to make him.  If this is all you have in the arsenal, someone needs to be practicing for the nomination in 2016.. This is a shame.

-a registered voter with enough sense to read..


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