Day 2- Weight Loss Craze

I saw a picture of myself seated at a table and my stomach was outrageous.. .This was in December. I hemmed and hawed about it for a second but I didn’t do anything major about it.. I cut back slightly on my trips to the fast food drive through but none the less, I didn’t really change. 

I weighed in at a Christmas Party only to discover that I am bigger than I have ever been.  216 people.. Just fat for no reason. Now mind you, I have become an expert in hiding it… I’m also 5’11 so It’s stretched across my frame and mainly concentrated in the abdomen. 

A couple of days ago, I saw myself on a Facetime session on the big screen in my living room and OMG!!! I AM HUGE!!! I was sick when i saw myself.  So I have to do something about it:  

I went to the grocery store to buy some healthy foods for the house. 

I’m cooking and staying out of the drive through

I’ve started exercising again (slowly)

I’m telling myself that I can do this. 

I have a friend who was rather large and he’s doing it so he has given me inspiration to get on the good foot!! My other friend Crystal and I decided to have a year long challenge.  Here’s how it works.  We both love movies so… We are going to weigh in every 2 weeks like clock work.  At the weigh in, we have to give a movie ticket and $5.  This goes into a pot until the end of the quarter.  The person who looses the most weight wins the pot.  That is roughly 12 tickets and $60.  I don’t think that is a bad deal.  At the halfway point in June you get the pot as well as a gift certificate to your favorite restaraunt.  The contest is year long and you cannot get on DIET PILLS!!

I’m excited.  My target weight is 150 and I plan on getting there soon with the help of the Lord and some determination.. lol…


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