Hater AIDE- didn’t get what you came for did ya? lol

I read in the bible how go will prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies… well I saw it recently at a banquet.  A known hater showed up to see what was going on at a banquet.. Well the banquet was a little longer than expected so I’ll refer to it as “Hater AId” because that was highly unusual..

A quartet group from Wagner SC got up and did a miniature album release concert.  They had the nerve to stay up there even after the host came on stage as a signal that they needed to shut it down.. they sang one more song.. Well somewhere in between the time that the quartet decided to sing another song, the hater slipped out because no doubt we were just taking to long to divulge the information that they came for… So yes.. there was some hater AID.. in the fact that the group aided in getting rid of the HATER..

Now on a sidebar- if you are going to have a quartet group, make sure your vocals are tight or make sure you put on a good show. You have to have one or the other.  Without it, you are a just a plain ole HOT mESS!!



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