Lions and Tigers and Bears- Oh MY!!!

Well by now, everyone has heard about the guy up in Ohio who had his own private safari and how he killed himself after setting all of those wild animals free… I know this is the land of the free and the home of the brave but GOOD LAWD!!!

What would possess anyone to keep those kind of animals and what state would allow it. I found a short summary of the laws in Ohio on undomesticated animals

Summary of Law: No person may bring into the state a non-domestic animal unless the possessor: obtains an entry permit; health certificate certifying the animal is free of infectious diseases; and a certificate of veterinary inspection. Persons in the state possessing non-domestic animals do not need to obtain a permit.

Need anyone say more?  They don’t require a permit.  If I were in Ohio I think I’d be terrified to come out of the house and I’d require some type of reform.  I think about this… What is someone down the street from my home decided “I think I’ll start a snake farm” and then decide to kill himself/herself and let all the snakes go free like WIlley?  Well, who would hang around to see what the aftermath would be?


How much less for a lion, tigers and bears?  Man, I bet there is going to be some quick reform happening in Ohio.  How many tax payer dollars were spent on tranquilizers, extra police coverage etc?  Isn’t Ohio already a state that was having a major issue with their economy.  I just don’t see how this happened but I guess the love of animals supercedes all other things in some people’s minds. 

This is (of course) only my humble opinion on the matter.  There are more official stories out there if you’d care to read them.  I don’t know if the man had a mental problem (although I’ve heard he did) or if he just wanted to say “Fly little birdies and kill all you like on the way to freedom”.. Talk about Madagascar happening in a non cartoon world…

Oh well.. I hope no one got hurt.


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