Internal Conflict

How can unity be maintained when the enemy seems to be working like the CIA, from the inside?

Most people talk a good game and know how to do all the right things, but haven’t been proven so who do you trust? The loyal battered soldier or the new kid on the block?

What of those who throw rocks and hide their hands all while playing the victim in some type of scam?

What of those who grow weary of accusations and have yet to give up and walk away?

What do we say to those who have held on at all costs?  Is it really just to reward the faithful on the same level as the green?

I can’t answer any of this.  Only God knows the truth and it is he who tries the hearts of men.  I can only hold my post and do all I can to protect the lot given unto me at any cost.  That means even if it costs your psuedo friendship.


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