Direct TV auto bill pay woes!!!!

I never thought that I would have so many issues with Direct TV.  I love the service but when I woke up this morning to the little blue Direct TV man floating around on my screen all I could say was oh heck no.. not again.

My service has been interrupted and my bill was just paid on July15th and I have auto bill pay.  Something is not right with this.  How do you have auto bill pay and your services get interrupted more than 15 days before your next bill is even due.  I can’t call the company because if you’re service is interrupted, you cannot get to a representative.  The IVR will only keep saying you need to pay XXX how would you like to pay… If you press 0 or nothing it will disconnect you from the system…so I wrote an email complaining about this situation.  They said that they will respond within 24 hours.. TICK TICK TICK… I want a phone call or an email response or something.

I am close to cancellation and even though I hate Comcast, I don’t remember having all of these problems with them.  I can switch to X-FINITY. They are begging for customers right now…They have a $99 special going on right now.. and I can get cable internet service…. I’m just saying..

This is beyond frustrating right now.  WAY BEYOND….


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