Oscar buzz for “The King’s Speech” is well deserved

Last Friday night I went to see the film “The Kings Speech” at the regal.  I didn’t ask anyone to join me because most of my friends have a palate for action, horror, suspense, and slap stick Adam Sandler comedy.  A historic film?  Most had no idea what I was talking about and looked upon me with doubt as I raved about the film’s merit. So I stopped by the concession stand to get a Nathan hotdog (which I love so much and they are so yummy especially with chesse and chili), sat in my seat which was high in the back of the theatre, opened my purse, pulled out my sprite, opened the kettle cooked mesquite grill lays, and opened my hotdog during the previews..

Now on to the movie…

The future King of England (Albert Frederick Arthur George) had a stuttering issue.  GO Figure.! I can’t believe (being a history major) that I didn’t know that… His character is played by a handsome Englishman, Colin Firth.  His first public speech was an absolute disaster!  He sought help from doctors to no avail.  One had him place hot rocks in his mouth and told him that smoking relaxed the layrnx.  He completely gave up on his impediment and decided that it wasn’t important for him to be able to speak well because he was second in line to succeed the throne. 

His brother,  Edward, was the first in line to succession but he fell in love with an American that had been twice divorced… that was a royal no no!  Edward abdicated and the responsibility of the crown fell on Albert (also known as George VI). 

His wise wife sought the assistance of a speech expert, Lionel (Geoffrey Rush), to assist her husband with his impediment.  A life long friendship develops over a hilarious exchange of British humor, unorthodoxed treatments, and honesty.   Lionel navigates the politics of the day to assist the King in the delivery of his triumphant speech given to the British Empire on the eve of WWII.  His methods were hilarious but they worked.  Geoffrey Rush did an excellent job with this character.  He is likeable and honorable.  

This story reminds us all that we can do ANYTHING! It is a feel good movie with great actresses and actors.  It deserves the OSCAR buzz that it has gained.  I pray that you go see the movie because it will inspire you to do your best in the face of adversity!

I absolutely love the history of England.  King George VI was the great grandson of one of my other favorite British Monarchs, Queen Victoria.  King George VI is the father of Queen Elizabeth II.  For historical context, please visit your local library or log on to Wikipedia.com.


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