Ah Natural!!! Bianca’s Big Chop!

I recently went natural.. Like no more relaxer in my hair.  I was losing a lot of my hair in the top of my head due to thinning so I decided in July that this is it for me.  I’ll just have to take a chance and hope that this thing looks right on me.

Well I am in no wise a sister souljah afro wearing queen but I do enjoy the freedom that not having a relaxer has provided.  I don’t have to work with a curling iron or a blow dryer.  I just let it dry naturally and add some Cantu Shea Butter on it for some moisture and a lil oil for sheen and I go.  It curls up by itself so no worries. 

I straightened my hair last weekend to see if I liked it straight.  It felt like it did when i was 15.  My thinning areas have grown back and I believe that my hair is healthy and strong again. 

I do have to use some color because I have gray patches.  So I use clairol textures and tones (blackest black) for color.  I also keep hair gel because I love drawstring pony tails.  I am currently rocking a drawstring that is almost the same texture as my hair.  I have recently discovered headbands.  I love headbands for a little extra something..  

  I can’t wait until the summer time to see how much progress my hair has made.  I’ll straighten it out then.. I swam before but I’ll really be in the pool this summer because I won’t have to worry about the wash, wrap, curl side of maintaining my hair.  This is what I mean by freedom… I can really wash and go..

If believe that if I would have went natural a long time ago (2005 when I burned all of my hair out in India) that I would not have been on the balding path.  Oh well.. I am glad I decided to do the big chop! 

I’ll post pictures later.. before and after shots of the TWA… (tweeny winy afro)


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