Eggs- Incredible, but are they edible? RECALL Upate


 Incredible- but are they edible? LOL

 The brands that are affected by the recall:

  • Hillandale Farms
  • Sunny Farm
  • Sunny Meadow

For more information on the egg recall, please visit this link: The link provides a codes called the Julian date and plant numbers which can be found on the carton.  Those affected are Julian Dates from 136 to 229 and the Plant numbers are 1026, 1413, 1942 and 1946.

Check your carton!!! TONIGHT!

You should see the unsanitary conditions in the chicken coops at the plants with the infected eggs… MAN.. that will make you not wanna eat another egg…. first spinach, peanut butter and now this… I’m getting sick thinking about it..

If you have time go to You tube and put in Al Sharpton and KFC and see how they treat their chickens.. man it will make you want to boycott KFC! The American yard bird goes through alot to be placed on a a menu at Popeyes and KFC.

Source* ABC nightly news


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