Reality TV… The T.O. Show and Chad Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch

I am not a “reality tv show watcher”…. well except for Dancing with the Stars and Wife Swap (because some of the wives are funny and I love ballroom dance).. but I actually like the T.O. show and now I like Chad Ochocinco the Ultimate catch. 

So I like T.O. because he isn’t afraid to cry and he seems to be down to earth.  There is something interesting about his relationship with his Kita and Monique… they are like a minature family… like brothers and sisters… I must admit I was sucked in when Kita found out that her 8 month relationship was a lie…  I couldn’t stop saying “dude is married”…  I don’t really blame her for being upset.  Dude isn’t divorced… so that makes him MARRIED!  I think that she shouldn’t give that dude the time of day until he gets some paperwork… Stick to your guns KITA!!!

I personally think that Kita and T.O. would be a good couple… but you know what… to each his/her own. 

I happen to think that I could be a very good personal assistance for someone… but I’d rather entertain the thought of one day needing a personal assistant.  Kita did good T.O. that older lady as a personal assistant.  She is exactly what he needs…

So on to Ocho Cinco.. I wish he wouldn’t try to find love like this but you know… anything for the spotlight… So the girls in the house:

I think Chad should pick the track star girl (Tiphani) because she seems like the better suited person for him. I have heard that he doesn’t like black girls.  That is the main reason I started watching to see if he would pick a black girl.  We’ll see what happens on the show…


My Girl Jasmine got eliminated… man.. I was kinda upset but the last ditch effort to cook Chad dinner was an F project… 

I think that Tara needs to go home soon…  I guess she is around for ratings..

I’m glad the Ruby is staying… I think he’ll pick her but we’ll see.. I’m still rooting for Tiphani…


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