The Non Traditional Student- Registration

Bianca on display

Okay so I’m going back to school at ASU this fall to finish up my degree in History…

Three Cheers for B!! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

Enough of that…

I went to the bookstore (at least attempted to go) only to walk all the way across campus to find out that the bookstore closed at 3:00pm this Friday…Lazy dazies…LOL… I took a student ID picture today and (clumsily) ran into the wall… I’ve called financial aid several times only to get a busy tone… I picked up my decal so i won’t get a boot on my car… I’ve called the history department to find out if they determined the professor for my class yet only to be greeted by the same snippey ole lady that swore she didn’t have my information on her list on Wednesday… (They need to get someone else to answer the phones)…  

Well on Tuesday night I’ll be playing the dreaded “non traditional student”.. I’ll become that person that I used to hate to have classes with… the person who has some life experience and has seen some of the places that others only read about… I’m the nerd who already emailed the professor to ask for an early copy of the syllabus…I’m be the one who earns all of the class participation points and is not scared to do anything… 

wait… I hope I don’t smack myself for being so obnoxious…  

I’m only going to take one class this semester because that is all I am willing to pay for at this point out of my pocket.  My company changed it’s tuition reimbursement policy but failed to update the document.  I’ll catch them on the rebound next semester when I take a full load.   I’ll be finished in May of 2011. 

Three Cheers for B!! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

So somebody tell me why I am already thinking of where I am going to go when I graduate as a reward to myself for finishing. I am thinking of Italy.  Now all I need to do is see “Eat Pray Love” to solidify my need to “find myself” in Italy.  I’ve already fallen in love with “Under the Tuscan Sun” so I am sure that this next movie will totally convince me to take the trip.  After all, I will be 37 at that point. 

So shoot me.. I downloaded the book “Eat Pray Love” to read before I see the movie… It’s an easy read so far… and I love my Sony Reader- Touch Edition… Full endorsements..


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