The Attack of the Killer Crickets

So I have a problem….


They are everywhere… and I’m talking everywhere… I went to the store about 2 weeks ago to buy some bug spray.. but there wasn’t any for “Crickets”… so I had to purchase RAID… for roaches and ants… imagine my embarrassment… I didn’t even want the girl at the register at Family Dollar to get the wrong idea about my issue…  I have crickets… It’s not like she cared but I found myself explaining away out of embarrassment.. LOL..

So they come in from the back door.. the fire place.. the washroom.. I hate them and they are not the little ones.. they are the huge ones.. I just grab the raid the spray.. I feel like the orkin lady somedays… because I’ll spray the back door and the fireplace before I go to bed only to wake up to about 3-4 dead crickets the next morning…

I didn’t feel so bad when I walked outside only to see my neighbor with a can of RAID in his hand… I asked if he had a cricket problem.. he said “Yeah man.. them thangs be everywhere”…LOL

Well there you have it..


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