Samsung Impression Cell Phones SUCK -DEMSBL BOOT LOADER FOR MSM6290

I purchased one and it errored out on me…so I sent it back to to Samsung to have it fixed.. they fixed it and now it is broken again!!! I called and the supervisor, Lilian (outsourcing again) couldn’t give me a corporate address, the name of the CEO, or any information.. she was extremely rude and only offered to repair the phone… well I’mnot willing to go through another repair of this phone.. so I say SAMSUNG sucks!! They say that if something works well for you, you only tell a limited amount of people… if sucks then you tell a bunch of people…. WELL SAMSUNG electronics are unreliable… and the customer service reps are rude…. I’ll be writing the CEO and posting this on every samsung site I can find.. including BFacebook, twitter, all forums etc… 

 I hope they know that negative press affects sales.. there are known issues about the following message: 



They reset the phone the first time I mailed it in… It has the same issue.. I searched the internet and there are plenty of consumers with this problem.  SO Samsung just takes the consumer’s money and runs… I want a new phone because this one is a lemon!!!

My reference numbers- 2007584659, 3000259723,  Ticket # 4004141339

Model Number: SGH-A877RBAATT

Serial Number: 358696031720025

Product Symptoms: Technical Inquiry/Phone Freezing / Locked U/Lock Up With Error Code

Warranty : In Warranty


4 thoughts on “Samsung Impression Cell Phones SUCK -DEMSBL BOOT LOADER FOR MSM6290

    • My samsung got wet then started showing the error demsbl boot loader for msm6290 more than downloader v 5.50. This is the first issue I have ever had with Samsung. I think their products are great. I was hoping to find the solution to fixing this issue on your site.

  1. I agree. I bought a Samsung camera thinking it was good quality and in 2 months the digital screen broke. What a waste of $150.00

  2. Samsung phones just suck period!!! I have to talk on speaker all day like Im on a darn reality tv show b/c if I dont I can’t hear the person on the phone…eugh

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