Lowell Pye releases a solo CD “Finally” in stores July 27th 2010

Lowell Pye's long awaited solo project  "Finally"
Lowell Pye’s long awaited solo project “Finally”
CD Cover
Lowell Pye, a Detroit native and long time singer/songwriter in the gospel community sang with John P. Kee and the New Life Community Choir where we remember him dancing on stage as well as his famous “wash me whiter than snow” three part harmony along with John and Isaac.

We were excited about the release of the first Men of Standard CD with favorite songs to include “An Anointed Song”, “Trust in God”, and “Yeah, Yeah”. Men of Standard was the future of gospel music back then and proved themselves over time with a string of CDs that satisfied our musical desire for a contemporary male group.

When we heard that Lowell would step out on his own for a solo venture roughly 2 years ago, we waited patiently for the CD.

On Friday July 23rd approximately 1000 people gathered at Elizabeth Baptist Church in Atlanta GA to celebrate the release of his much anticipated solo project entitled “Finally”. The concert began at 8:00 and included a special comedic appearance by “House of Payne” actor Palmer Williams Jr. and an anointed selection “Encourage Yourself” by Sherri Jones-Moffet. The artists graciously gave way to the man of the hour, Lowell Pye.

Lowell Pye’s “Finally” will be on shelves everywhere as of July 27th, 2010.

Lowell covers a contemporary gospel classic “Running Back to You”, which was originally recorded by Commissioned and written by Fred Hammond, but don’t think his project is limited to cover tunes although that song was the radio single.

“Finally” has extreme depth covering several genres including contemporary, urban contemporary, gospel ballads, choir tunes, praise/worship, and a return to his roots with quartet styled cuts. Listeners can hear the strong Marvin Winans influence in Lowell’s vocals on “Over”, which is a duet with powerhouse stellar award winning vocalist, Sherri Jones-Moffet.

“Jesus Never Fails” can quickly become a Sunday morning choir/praise team favorite and is a contemporary spin on the classic hymn of the same name. “Keep Pressing” also falls along the Sunday morning tunes and could quickly become a contemporary radio single. The ever effective piano ballad “Speak” is a selection that soloists will adopt and encourages believers to listen to the voice of the Lord in their situation.

Lowell’s roots begin to show with the tune “He’ll Make a Way”. It takes the listener back to the late 70’s style quartet music of the Williams Brothers. The toe tapping tune features the Detroit connection in Marvin Winans and Rance Allen, and is laced with live instrumentation driving the song.

Lowell’s project is a Miralax Records release and is the first from the new label founded by gospel super producer, Asaph Ward, who also produced this project and penned 5 of the 13 tracks. Lowell wrote “He’ll Make a Way” and “Good Time”. Other writers include but are not limited to PJ Morton, Marcus Devine, Deitrick Haddon, and Chop Dixson. Musicians can distinctly hear the live instrumentation on this project and new artists can learn to appreciate the affect live instruments give a project. Enjoy this project because it is well worth it.


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