Customer Service at its worst The Phillipines and

I think all US corporations should pull their customer service operations back to the US because you can’t understand people when they have a heavy foreign accent!!!  This guy just messed up my reservation and then put me on hold only to be transferred back into the queue to get another girl who has me on hold now… Where am I?  Guess where- in the phillipines.. this absolutely is not the way to do business. They have placed a hold on my credit card 5 times so far… I’m kinda upset about all of this.. then she says “we’re going through a system upgrade”… Does she not know that I work in a call center.. she is incompetent. Nice but totally incompetent!  I hate to say it like that but this is money we are talking about.. I’ve been on the phone for 36 minutes…. waiting on a confirmation number… the hold music keeps going off and on and off and on and I am saying “Hello”… where is the justice?  I hope that Obama cuts all tax breaks to companies who outsource.. the one I work for included.. sorry for the rant.. but its how it is right now..

Oh I asked to speak to the manager and she transferred me to a number that wasn’t in service…I’m trying to be gracious… and have patience and not be escalated..

I called back.. the dude tried to get the same information from me… WOW… I just cut him off and said you know what I know how it works and I am not giving you anything because i’ve given it 3 times already.. Just let me speak to a manager.. which I am sure I will not get a real manager… plan of attack… a free night at this point.. this is just bad customer service all the way around..

I just got hung up on for the 4th time.. while waiting on hold.. this is ridiculous!!! is a joke.. read reviews on

Seriously messed up with hidden fees.. and if I get charged.. OMG I am gonna go balistic..!!!

Calling again.. to CANCEL… Did I mention that I hate VRUs… I know what they are useful for.. but I am tired of repeating my selections.

The last rep laughed at me and then gave me anumber to go back into the same call center..

I called that center… and was just disconnected…. yet for the 7th time

I called again… and got Ceasar… he was nice but not helpful… THIS IS thE WORSt…

Calling the hotel direct….and my bank….


3 thoughts on “Customer Service at its worst The Phillipines and

  1. Wow! Does first call resolution even EXIST?! Sadly, I have to say I doubt it. I hope you end this mess with a full refund and a free week. This is a prime Example of the poorest service ever.

    Word of mouth will ruin a company. Because of how you were assisted I Will Never Use Them!

    Hope we step our game up as well! Obama let’s do the right thing! Shut it down!

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