Sagging- WOW!!!

I was at the gas station yesterday afternoon pumping my $20 worth of gas and a nice looking guy drove up in his black Ford Expedition with nice deep dish chrome rims, bumping some Jay Z.  

 Let’s establish this early- I was not interested.  He was not my type of hype.

He sat in park at the pump for about 2 minutes with the music blaring while he flipped through something in his wallet.  I assumed he was looking for his cash or card and perhaps thought that the music would draw attention. As I pumped gas, I kept watching him out of the corner of my eye.  

Sagging- Not Fashionable

He had a low haircut with a nice tight line.  His brown pecan colored skin was flawless.  He had on one of those white fruit of the loom t-shirts.  He reached up, opened the door, and stepped out of the truck.  As he walked across the parking lot, I noticed the tube socks that were pulled up to his calf muscle, the slide in rubber addidas shower shoes, and (here’s the kicker) a pair of long jean shorts that were hanging off his behind.  It appeared that the shorts were mounted on his upper thigh with a belt… IT looked so STUPID.. 

The point of my blog and vivid description of this dude is to ask the question-  Who told these dudes that sagging looked remotely good?  How do the pants stay up and on the guys?

I know that as some chics read this blog, they will say to themselves or to some other chic “I don’t see what’s wrong with sagging” or “I think it is sexy” or “I like my man to sag” or ” I love a thug”.  In the words of Half Pint on Skool Daze “WAAAAAKKKKEEE UPPPPPPPPP”!!!!!! This is not attractive in the slightest bit. 

The Sagging Chart- WOWSagging has its orgin in the PRISON system because men are denied belts.  A belt can be used as a weapon.  The phenomenon has made its way into the streets of YOUR city.  Anti-Sagging laws have been passed in different cities.  School systems are against it, but who is making the sagging clothing?  Who makes the jean shorts that are capable of being mounted on a person’s thigh?  Can you purchase them at Citi Trends or It’s Fashion… are they made by Sean John or Rocca Wear? Do sagging pants cost less than regular pants?

Sagging looks bad on men.  A lady doesn’t want a dude that sags.  I’m not saying she wants Steve Urkel either.  Check out GQ magazine. 

I think I’m going to start a “Sagging pants” picture collection… Watch out Augusta…. I know a girl who has a “Dudes that carry Man purses” Collection…

Why not dress nice like some of these guys?


2 thoughts on “Sagging- WOW!!!

  1. I couldnt agree with you more!! There is nothing I hate more than seeing a guy sagging!!! Especially when they have a belt on!!! Its like they want to make sure they pants dont fall any lower lol.

  2. Oh no kidding, in my school guys sag, lots of them and it’s just so disturbing to see, I mean if they don’t wanna wear pants, just wear their underwear to school! It’s so disgusting when I pass by someone who’s bending down on his locker to get his stuffs…ohhh…

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