Deer Deer and More Deer on Deans Bridge Rd

Okay so,

I was riding home tonight after watching the Celtics lose to the Lakers 😦 (suxs!) and after I went through the stoplight at Barton Chapel, passed the daycare, I looked up and a herd of of about 10 deer were on the side of the road chillin hard. I mean they were just CHILLAXIN, eating grass.  All I could say was “Jesus” because they were so close to the road, if they would have gotten startled and moved I could have been in a fatal accident.  So I continue up Deans Bridge and pass the Morgan Rd turn and guess what…!!! More deer…chilling and eating grass… I was like good grief.  The deer were NOT SMALL deer.  They were huge… So I just kept driving thanking God that they didn’t move.  I continue driving and as I got closer to Ft Gordon (right by the little pool hall- don’t know the name of it) guess what?!!! MORE DEER. 

Deans Bridge Road is dangerous at night after you pass McDonalds.  To all the hunters out there… now that I’ve told you where they are (not that it is hunting season) can someone help a sista out and go get them.  I really believe that this is the same family of deer I’ve been seeing for about 2 years straight.  Sometimes they run across the church land and drink from our pond… scary thought, but then again, we are invading their turf. 

Enough for now.. but be careful on HWY 1- Deans Bridge Rd at night.


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