Coko’s CD “The Winner In Me” and Tamela Mann- “The Master Plan”

I am wide awake right now because I took a “nap”. Now it is 2:00 in the morning and I am wide awake.  I have to go to work in about 6 hours. 

For everyone who did not purchase Coko’s sophomore release “The Winner in Me”, we ALL SLEPT ON THAT! I just bought it about 2 weeks ago and it is actually a great CD.  

Coko- The Winner in Me CD Cover


My favorite jams right now are “The JOY OF the LORD”,  “RESCUE ME”, “MAY BE MY LAST TIME”, and “DON”T LET ME GO”.  These are some serious riding jams (yeah I said JAMS- I’m old school).  I also like the title track “The Winner in Me”.   Lady Tibbia, whose voice I absolutely adore, makes an appearance on the last track.  The best thing about the CD is that you can listen all the way through.  It was well worth the $10 I paid for it at Wal-Mart.  

I think that we need to support gospel artist that put out quality music! 

Tamela Mann- Master Plan CD Cover


Another CD that you should put in your collect is the Tamela Mann CD.  First of all, she looks absolutely fabulous on the cover and secondly, she is saaaannnngggginnn!!!! I love the entire CD, but I am absolutely crazy about the love song that she sang to DAVID “Brown” MANN…It is called “Heaven”.  She sounds so sincere and it will bring tears to your eyes.   If you are looking for an anniversary song, this is it!!! If you need a beautiful wedding song, this it (you might need to alter the words a bit to fit new love but this is it!!).  It is track #11.  It is a wonderful song and she deserves a Grammy for that tune alone.  

Well.. that’s all… 

Until next time..


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