A Roadmap

These past couple of weeks at work have been fun and trying all at the same time.  From flying cosmos ninja stars to slamming doors, project implementation can be trying.  I’m sad that our project is coming to an end and I must admit that I am a little concerned about what the next steps will be. 

I’m not comfortable at work when I don’t really have a roadmap or career path.  I’ve been doing some research on SAP certification and consulting.  I believe I have a natural knack for planning and execution.  I’ve considered all kinds of possibilities for careers, but while reading a book entitle “Caught between a dream and a job”,  the author suggests that whatever work we do must line up with our ultimate purpose for being on the earth.  I have many talents and many acquired skills so sometimes it is hard to decide.  I seem to get overwhelmed and end up stuck in the same spot in which I began.  I pray that the “stuck in the same spot” cycle is over.   The only one who can control that is the person writing this blog.  I’m doing the exercises in the book and I am doing some other exercises on-line to try to narrow down what I really want to do in life in the form of a business.  I am going to be the CEO of my own company.  I don’t feel at liberty to reveal it now, but know that Bianca is on the move and is determined to fulfill destiny.


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