Pandora- A survivor

I picked my grandmother up from Greensboro on Friday afternoon.  She is a talker like me, so she talked in between her nodding off to sleep.  She told me about how she made sure her family always had food on the table because my sorry grandfather didn’t do what a man should do. I began to realize that I am alot like her in many respects.  She is a mover and a shaker.  I am a mover and a shaker.  She loves to travel. I love to travel.  She is very outspoken. I am very outspoken.   She survived domestic abuse and is still kicking.  I survived an abusive relationship and I am still kicking.  She is a beautiful person at 80 and I pray that the Lord allows me to see my 80th birthday.  I am much more like her than anyone would have ever known.  Talking with her made me realize that I don’t deserve less than God’s best when it comes down to a mate.  She survived her ordeal so she could tell us about it and so i would never make that mistake.  I thank God for my Grandmother.  She is the best!!!


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