The Saga of the Keys

On Friday January 15th I lost my keys.  I went to lunch and came back to go straight into a meeting in the CSG conference room.  I arrived at 1:10 and didn’t leave the conference room until 5:45.  I thought I had my keys at that point.  I printed off my grocery shopping list and prepared to leave but I couldn’t find the keys.  I immediately thought that a coworker that I sat next to in the meeting had my keys… I didn’t have her number so I sent a message on Facebook to one of her close friends who works with us… thank God for technology…. he responded immediately.  I called her and she didn’t have the keys.  I walked back to the conference room to see if I threw them in the trash (that was a possibility)… I was in such a hurry and I really couldn’t remember where I put them.  The trash was gone.. I went into a slight panic mode and went to find Mr. Paul so he could tell me where the trash was located… he pointed to a big pile of trash.. I asked him if we could go through it.. He said, “I wouldn’t do this for anyone else”.  He gave me a pair of rubber gloves and I proceeded to sift through all kinds of nasty garbage.  I saw all sorts of strange things in the trash from fingernails to a piece of weave.. LOL. .. I found my bag that had the scraps of my baked potato and salad but there were no keys to be found… never sifted through trash like that before.. I decided that I needed to check the car at the suggestion of a co-worker, Marie.  We went outside with a flash light to seee if we could see inside the car.  The keys were not visible, so I decided to use my insurance company, GEICO, to call a lock smith.  The lock smith was promised to be there within an hour.  We walked to Walmart.  I had a buggy with items in it, but I received a call from the lock smith.  He was at my car.  He opened the door and I looked frantically… but NO KEYS.. the Car alarm was going off… embarassment set in.. I decided to call my dad… I walked back inside of the building and he fussed at me to retrace my steps.. I felt like he was trying to play Sherlock Holmes.. I am a good step retracer and I hardly lose things because I know how to calm down and back track.  My manager called me and asked if I needed her to come help.  Well she and her daughter looked all over our place of employment.  NO KEYS!.. We decided to go into the annex building…. NO KEys.. so I decided that perhaps another co worker might have picked them up, but I didn’t have a number for her.. so I called Brett to see if he had her number because they worked together at a previous company… I got the machine… We tried to text and call my new manager, but she didn’t answer.. we sat in silence for about 3 minutes and I decided to call the HR manager to get Christa’s number.. When I explained what happened she laughed and said let me see what I can do.. in the meantime Jean finally replied to our calls and texts and told us to go through Christa’s phone log because she would have no doubt called her own home.. I checked the log, got the number, and called her.  She said she hadn’t picked the keys up either.  I finally gave up at that point.  A lock smith would have to come and make a new key in the morning.  I had one more issue.. I didn’t have a house key either.. I called my landlord… He wasn’t home but his wife was.. so CIndy, Molly, Mr. Mace, and I headed to Pepperidge to get a key.  When i got there, she gave me a key ring with 6 keys on it because she said that Wells didn’t know which key it was… Oh boy.. well when I got to the door, none of the keys worked.. MAN! So Mr. Mace drove me to my parents house.. where I borrowed the green lincoln to go meet my landlord for the right key.  He came pretty quick and was able to open the door… I sat in the house after I let the dog out to use the restroom.  I decided to call GEICO again to get the car towed.  They gave me a reference number…about 5 minutes later the tow guy called and talked me out of getting the car towed that night.  I laid down and went to sleep.  I woke up at about 3pm to a text message from BRETT saying.. “Hey this is BRETT. Please call me, ur keys are in my top drawer at the office.  I thought you would notice you didn’t have them. I feel ljust like an —… please call me and I will bring them to  u and I will pay for any inconvenience I caused u”…

All I could do was laugh… He got me good.. but pay back is gonna be sweet!!!!


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