The Book of Eli

The book of Eli is a wonderful film that should cause all people who are Saved or Christian (whichever you prefer to call yourself) to look at themselves and see if they have the word down in them.  There are several lessons here:

  1. It is important to hear what God says and walk it out even if you can’t see it.
  2. It is imperative that we stay on the course that God has laid out before us
  3. We must protect the anointing at any cost
  4. We have to watch as well as pray
  5. We have to give thanks in the midst of what we are going through
  6. We must get the Word of God inside of us
  7. We are a light in themidst of darkness and some people will only read our lives.
  8. The word of God is sharp and powerful
  9. We must have determination that nothing will stop us once we have heard the assignment that God has given us
  10. We must get the word down in us and be ready to answer any man when asked why we believe in Jesus. 
  11. We can’t afford to be distracted.  When distractions are present it is more than likely a trick of the adversary to get us off course.  We have to be sensitive in the spirit to recognize when we are about to be under attack.  Get the word ready to slay your enemy. 
  12. Write the word on the tables of your heart. 
  13. Even though you might get knocked down, you have get up and keep pushing. 
  14. Know that it aint over until God says. 
  15. Finish the race.. at any cost   
  16. When God tells you to go, he will provide for you
  17. Everyone cannot go with you where God tells you to go, you have to be willing to walk away from some things and people
  18. When God tells you to destroy your enemy, don’t leave them alive.  They will creep back up later and you’ll be wishing you listened. 
  19. Pray for discernment and know people after the spirit and not the flesh.
  20. There is a high price to pay for the anointing. 

Great Movie.. My Rating: A


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