First Entry for 2010

Well alot has transpired since my last visit to my blogg spot.  I love blogging.. but sometimes I put it to the side.  Well here I go again.

It’s 2010! A new year and a year that is my year.  I’m gonna shine in every way: Work, home, church, personally, spiritually… Did I say in every way?

I’ve been doing alot of cooking lately.  I am trying to shed some pounds and save some money.  So I’ve been bringing my lunch every day and cooking when I get home at night.  I’ve cooked everything from lemon pepper salmon to rosemary pork chops.  They have all been wonderful means.  I just wanted to cook something different… not the normal stuff like fried pork chops, roast, chicken, or cube steak. I’m in an experimental mood when it comes to cooking. 

I am also in the middle of planning my college gospel choir reunion…should I say execution of the reunion..

I am writing a play about the story of RUTH.  I am researching it now and I have act 1 finished.  I have to beef it up some.

I have several other writing projects in the hopper

Again 2010 is going to be a fabulous year!!!


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