Sport Fishermen

Steve Harvey has something he calls “sport fishing'”. I’m going to add to the definition.
If a guy only calls you or talks to you when no one else knows that you guys are talking, then he is just sport fishing. This includes the serial text messagers. If a dude only texts and never picks up the phone to talk, you are a sports fish..
He’ll throw you back because you are not a keeper.
If you have no standards, then you are just a sports fish.. You’re not a keeper.
This is no one’s fault but your own so don’t get mad when you get used

Don’t pine over the negro.. get a life and get some standards..
Guys will only treat you the way that you let them treat you.. Love yourself.
If you meet a sports fisherman, RUN!!!! and don’t look back. Once people show you who they are, believe them. You can’t change a person. They will only change when they get ready.

Ladies we deserve soooooooooooo much more than what we have accepted.

Seriously, In my personal life now begin the days of the fembot until the person with the master key cracks the complex code of this female heart and earns/deserves/ and proves trustworthy enough to receive all that I have to give.

I know I write about love a lot, this is the last day unless I have some funny story to tell about some sports fisherman’s attempt to “catch” me if you will.

On to the days of my purpose and destiny.

Letting it go and walking away for the last time.. no circling back.. no wandering around the same mountain.. making a 180 and going in the opposite direction.


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