How do you know?

Well how do you know when to cut someone loose from your life?

1. They always bring up what you used to do
2. They are not truthful with you and when caught in the lie, they refuse to own up to their mistake.
3. The person isn’t progressing in any area of their life.
4. The person has no hopes or dreams outside of your hope and dreams
5. The person has no goals or plans
6. The person doesn’t celebrate your successes.
7. The person starts doing things that they used to do (if they were saved now they go clubbing, smoking, drinking, etc).
8. The person is always withdrawing from your life but never making a deposit.
9. The person is never brutally honest about a sensitive matter..

These are the ones that I can think of right now.. I am sure there are many others.. Post them here if you wish to..


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