All men should be required to watch “Obsessed” prior to getting married. I think that the number one marriage message I can pull from the movie was Communication. You have to let your mate know what is going on with you. Hiding things don’t solve them.

Here are some major points

1. Let the women who is advancing on you know that you are married. Cut the coat tail off at the collar and don’t give the devil any place.
2. Never say any of the following statements to a single chic who has shown interest in you as a married man.. You know who they are and what they want.. “If I were single”- If your statement starts with that, you are stepping deep and you are wrong. “I know you’ll find someone…” “I don’t see why you don’t have someone”… The list goes on..
3. Don’t feel sorry for someone and end up in a mess…. Don’t comfort that single woman, give extra conversation,
4. Watch out for the chick that knows what you like… “Coffee- dark with two sugars..” etc.. watch it fellas.. She’s tryna get in..
5. Go home to your wife.. Watch out for those “spouses are not allowed” events.. something is crazy there..I understand that we sometimes split off women and men in bible studies or meetings but don’t get it twisted.. that’s not what I am talking about..

Go see the movie.. enjoy… Beyonce did okay in it.. Idris Elba was fine as always…. the plot was good and the story line was great.. Lessons to be learned people.. Lessons..


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