Stronger than b-4 & still living with an open heart

Inspite of the events of the past weeks, I am resolved to continue to live with an open heart.. expecting God to do just what he says he will do.. Knowing that he won’t leave me until he accomplishes all that he said. I love life.
I am bound and determined to live life with flare and surprise. I’m also determined to expand my borders. I am not going to spend another weekend just in Augusta. I am going to go somewhere other than here every other weekend and that means even if it is just to Aiken, Savannah, Columbia, Spartanburg, Athens…wherever my heart desires.. Of course there is some planning involved… so next weekend, I think I am going to hang out in Columbia after rehearsal. Maybe I’ll catch a show of some sort.. dinner and back home to go to church the next day..or I might just spend the night… I have to do something to shake up my life right now.. I want to meet new people.. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I will by Wednesday..]
If the man who can see me for who I am comes along while I’m living my dreams then God has kept his promise to me. I won’t lie to sound like I am this supersingle fembot who is okay with not having a relationship, eventually getting married or having children because I am not.. I refer back to my statement above.. God will not leave me until he has done all that he promised.. That was one of his promises to me so I won’t give up on it by making the “everyone might not get married” statement… I am not everyone and I know what the mouth of the prophet (not some parking lot prophet either) spoke in my ear…. so there you have it.. I know what was said… more than once actually…

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