Vacation Jet Lag- minus the plane

I didn’t think it would catch up with me but it has. I am just soooooooo sleepy from being in Orlando and hanging out late. I have done nothing today I mean absolutely nothing except for watching chick flicks and sleeping.. It has just been a lazy day today. I feel like I have traveled around the world and just got back. I have only been to Orlando Fl. I had a great time. The last time I was in Orlando, I was 13 and there was no Universal Studios. It was all barren land. My fav part was when I went to Rising Star Karaoke Club and sang with a live band. I did Jennifer Hudson’s Spotlight. It was a rush to be on stage. People were giving me high 5’s on the way out. I have other fav parts like getting on the Mummy 3 times back to back. That is a great ride!!! I wanna go back one day soon. There is so much that I want to do as far as vacations are concerned. I have to pace myself.
What’s next? Tampa Florida for AIM convention. I was debating but I have made up my mind to go. I’ll be getting in the choir this time out. I’ll be there the whole week because I just need a break during July. That is a very tough month at work and it helps to break it up and have fun. If I work hard, I must play harder. I am debating hotels now. I still have time to register to stay in the conference hotel. The cut off is May 15th. I saw a hotel that is 1.6 miles from the convention center that is in the SoHo district and has a spa. I read the reveiws and I think I want to stay there. I am driving down so I’ll be able to get back and forth. I would normally fly but this time I want to go on a road trip in my pacifica. It’s the touring version so I need to tour a bit don’t you think. I think that the peace and serenity of the road will only add to my experience. I’ll pack a cooler complete with food and drinks so I can hit the road. I’m not gonna wait on anyone to say that they want to go. I’m just going to go. I’ve never been to Tampa so this will be a fresh experience for me. I want to see how different this music department will be with Judy McCallister at the helm. I heard that Kim Burrell was over the choir but I don’t know how true that is. I’ll find out for sure when i arrive.
Peace out peeps!!!

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