Have you Ever?

1. Ran into someone you knew you wanted to bust in the face but you just couldn’t do it but your face was red and your hand was pulsating because you wanted to bust them in the face? LOL
2. Gone to the movies and the kids in the theatre were so loud that you just had to stand up and say something?
3. Fired someone and then ran into them in a store or mall?
4. Absolutely destroyed a song that you led in church and felt like crawling under a pew from embarrassment?
5. Laughed so hard that you farted out loud and every one heard it?
6. Forgotten to put on deodorant and realized it because you felt a dry stickiness under your arms?
7. Laughed so hard that you spit your drink out on someone on the opposite side of the table?
8. Seen someone in a car next to you picking their nose while they were driving and talking on the cell phone?
9. Loved someone so much that you were absolutely giddy when you got in their presence?
10. Kicked a can down the street?
11. Tripped over your feet in front of everyone?
12. Fallen out of a van?
13. Danced the night away with the one you love?
14. Seen the inside of the Masters Golf Tournament?
15. Believed God for something and it happened instantly?
16. Believed God for something that took a while but was worth the wait?
17. Sat on an idea you had for an invention or a song and heard or saw it somewhere else?
18. Quit a job on faith and immediately got another one effortlessly?


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