Crack Tea-LOL

Okay so I know this dude that makes tea. He mixes green tea and he has all kinds of flavors.. plum, blueberry, etc.. or just regular old green tea. He sweetens it with organic sugar (whatever that is) and he packages it and all. So i tried it first. The first night I drank some, it was a half of an eight ounce glass and I was up until like 3 in the morning.. wide awake.. cranking out work like none other. It was super caffeinated. I took the jug to work and made everyone try it. Some liked it and some didn’t… the ones who liked it are now ordering tea from him at least twice per week…
We call it crack tea.. It works you out and it keeps you wide awake.. I just wish I had some right now because I am not ready to go to sleep.


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