Thank God for Math

I was in the process of checking into a hotel today in Atlanta and the clerk evidently bumped her head when she told us that the price would be 354 for 2 nights. My first thought (which came out of my mouth) was that she must have been drunk because this isn’t the Marriot. It was sad because the room was actually supposed to be $254 for the 2 nights. They have some “incidentals fee” of $25 per night that they don’t tell you about when you call for a reservation. She was trying to overcharge me. It made me mad because I am not usually a stickler for those kinds of situations. I am normally fairly easy going and kind because I know what it’s like to do customer service. This time I just had to let her have it. I pulled out my cell phone with a calculator on it to check her math.. then all of a sudden, she realized that she didn’t charge me correctly for the room. She overbilled for one night. I wasn’t a happy camper. I guess it begs the bigger question.. why didn’t she realize that she was overbilling me? Was her brain not thinking or was she just ready to get rid of me? Aint that just like the devil with no clothes on trying to take the saints money? LOLOL..
He didn’t win and he won’t ever win..

Well I caught a potentially $100 mistake.. Aint that just like the devil to try to


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