Doctrinal Differences

So one might ask me why this person or that person isn’t right for me.. The latest and greatest is the doctrinal differences. I go to New Life Worship Center COGIC where we preach and teach holiness, sanctification, concecration, and dedication.. wow.. I sounded like Lady Harris.. LOL.. anywhooo..
Recently, a brother tried to step to me with some craziness about their isn’t a Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues was the devil..and so many other things… I see how people who haven’t been taught in the way of the Lord can get tripped up easily because the doctrine this person was speaking about sounds right but it isn’t scripturally sound…I know that we are allowed to have differences of opinion, but come on!!! So the last time I was in my class at church Lady Harris told me not to marry outside the tribe… it might have seemed to some like she was using me as a vague example but oh boy was she speaking into my life.. I know what it means to take every conversation with your man or woman of God seriously… there is always some nugget in there.. Now don’t get it twisted.. I wasn’t about to get married or fall in love with this dude… although he is fine and fits the criterion on most of the levels I find desirable… but his belief in his “doctrine” is so strong that he seems to not be able to be taught anything other than what his preacher has said… I guess that is how we should be.. I think that their church has the ultimate goal in mind of getting souls saved, but I know that he willfully cashes out on the abundant life that Jesus promised us by limiting himself to the new testament, in giving, in the Holy Ghost and the gift in operation and so many other levels.. Paul even spoke of leaving the foundational things and going on to the meat of the word.. He was just outer court.
In all the richness of the gospel that they preach, they still live poor, they claim to be denying themselves of the promises of Abraham because all of those were meant only for Jews according to their doctrine.,. The only thing I could say is that he is going to live a limited life (which is evident at present).
He also said he believes that in the morning gospel God only had one apostle to the gentiles (Paul) and there is only one in the evening which so happens to be his apostle…. I told him that his gospel is a gospel of poverty and if God only had one man in 2009 that was preaching the truth, he is a poor God. God even told Elijah when he was hiding fromJezebel that he reserved hundreds who had refused to bow down to Baal and Elijah was not to think that he was the onlyone.. God doesn’ operate like that.. Jesus came but he chose twelve who imparted to thousands who have impacted millions.. why would God go back to just one preacher in Ga to be the only one who is preaching the truth..

People and their doctrines.. WOW is all I can say..


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