Weight Obsession

I am suddenly obsessed with my weight. I purchased a scale from Walmart because I needed one and because I need to track my progress. I got on after I figured out how to work it and I discovered that I have 39% body fat and I weighed 201… now grant it, I am 5’10 so it isn’t that bad but I got kinda down on myself after that.. I laid down in bed.. the next morning I decided to get up and run so I did. I ran so fast that my keys fell out of my pockets and I had to run back up the hill to pick them up. I am sore (of course) but I felt better about myself… Now begins the obsession… I want to loose 49 more lbs. I plan to do it by loosing 3-4 lbs per week. it will take me another 3 months to do so, unless I find some fast way (which I am totally against). I need to keep my muscle tissue.

I have lost inches..

I don’t know why I am writing about this.. I am kinda of bored and I haven’t been sleeping well this week..


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