I Talk to Myself..

Okay so,

I am sitting in a conference room chuggin away at the latest and greatest problem here at work and I have to admit that I have been doing alot of talking aloud to myself in 2009. I’ve been doing it in the shower, in the car, in the mirror.. I mean I really stop my thoughts (especially the ones that are not good) by just saying “shut up Bianca”.. or “Jesus please help me”.. or “girl you need to quit thinking about that”…

A good friend, no matter how good they are, is still a person just the same. They can change their mind about you like the wind and decide that they don’t want to hear it anymore so I just find myself talking to myself.

Well a good friend who will let you be open and honest about what you are feeling is hard to find. People have to love you for who you are, understand where you come from, know where you are and should be able to help you get where you are going by being there for you… We are not super heroes.. We are people who have flaws.. we don’t glory in the flaws.. we work on them.. we allow God to get in there and work it out of us… When people are added to our lives we need to know that they can add to our lives and not subtract from our overall. We want people around who celebrate us. We want people around that we can trust. Hmmm is the list of true friends growing smaller?


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